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Honda Electric, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1995 by Jeff J. Plzak and Laurie Lee Plzak . . .husband and wife.

Jeff's background comes from over 25 years in the electrical field and he currently holds a Master's Electrician License.

Company Truck

Jeff is acting as C.E.O./Secretary/Treasurer.
Laurie Plzak is acting as President and C.E.O. at Honda Electric, Inc. and has had several years of business experience and has a degree in business. She currently holds the Low Voltage License for the company.

The name Honda Electric, Inc. comes into being from Jeff's passion with motorcycles and his competitively racing them with his three sons on the weekends.

Mission Statement

Honda Electric, Inc. has built their reputation on outstanding workmanship and service. We are constantly updating and advancing our resources to stay ahead of the fast growing world of technology.


Honda Electric, Inc. performs projects ranging from $1,000 to $2,000,000 plus with average annual sales of $5,000,000 and with bonding of $2,000,000 single project and $3,000,000 aggregate.


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